What is ISHRM?
The Indiana Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ISHRM) was organized to advance the development and role of the professional practice of healthcare risk management.  ISHRM is governed by a board of directors in accordance with the Bylaws of the Society.  Members of the board are elected by and from the Society’s membership.


The purposes of the Society include:

  • Conducting educational programs and activities to strengthen and develop healthcare risk management and patient safety programs.
  • Providing a forum for the exchanging ideas and best practices.
  • Developing professional relationships among members in order to facilitate free exchange of information and solutions of mutual concerns.
  • Providing a forum on health-care risk management issues and explaining the impact of these issues to other appropriate parties.
  • Promoting the professional development of its members.
  • To support and encourage the national society (American Society for Healthcare Risk Management) in its endeavors to improve our profession.

The society is organized exclusively for the advancement of healthcare risk management and patient safety as a non-profit association as described by Section 501(c)(6).  It shall be so conducted that no part of its income and earnings shall inure benefit of any member, director, or other individual.

Click on the link below to view a current copy of the ISHRM bylaws.

ISHRM Bylaws Revised 2016